About this Website

i.e. - the what, why's and how's of this website


The current purpose of this website is to keep my web development skillsets current. Every once in a long while I get the urge to blog, so that feature might show up periodically.



Everything on this site is lovingly hand-coded by me. I chose not to use a turn-key solution like WordPress because the whole point is to keep my coding and design skills fresh.

  • The front-end of this site uses HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and responsive design principles.
  • PHP and MySQL drive the back-end backend, using a hybrid MVC design approach.
  • Graphics are created in Photoshop CC, color inspiration comes from Kuler, many icons are thanks to Iconfinder
  • Photos are all my own creations. For those interested, my current camera gear consists of a Pentax K-5, an Olumpus OM-D E-M1 and a bunch of lenses for each

Content Management

Content is uploaded, sorted and managed using my own home-brewed CMS. It's a simple but elegant system that gets the job done quickly. news articles are entered into the database via a web form. this allows me to update the website from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet. Articles are then pulled from the database and automatically tagged and sorted by category, then it is formatted into nice compliant HTML for your viewing pleasure. I can also move articles to (and from) the archive directory at the click of a button. pictures are handled in a similar though somewhat more complicated fashion.

This frees me from doing almost all manual maintenance of the website, with the exception of the few pages that are not scripted (because they are very infrequently updated).

Server Information

HP Pavilion Slimline

This site is served from an old repurposed PC that I built myself. it's sitting in a closet in a spare bedroom quietly humming along.

  • HP Pavilion Slimline AMD Althlon X2 3800+
  • WD 500G IDE
  • VMWare EXSi / Ubuntu Server


Here is the short version:

  • Can I copy your images for my own PERSONAL use? YES
  • Can I use your images for my or someone else's own financial gain? NO
  • Can I share your images with other people? YES, so long as the above are respected.

Here is the slightly longer version.